Hair Salon - Platinum Metallic Epoxy Floor


Project details

  • Date

     May 2, 2016

  • Client

     Hair Salon / West Jordan, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Metallic Epoxy Floor / Color: Champagne

  • Category

     Platinum Metallic

A Perfect Retail Solution for Beauty and Low Maintenance /

During a total remodel, the customer was looking for a flooring solution that would be a great conversation piece, artistic, yet easy to maintain. Our Platinum Metallic Epoxy Floor solution strikes each category and turns out excellent for this salon.

Please note that many of the metallic epoxy floors we do, are custom color mixes. This floor started out with our base Champagne color, plus an added dark gray highlight which the customer requested.


With a final finish of a satin urethane, the floor will resist scratching and any chemical this business may accidentally throw at it.


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