Residential Basement - Platinum Metallic Epoxy Floor

reflector metallic epoxy floor

Project details

  • Date

     October 27, 2016

  • Client

     Basement Living Area / Salt Lake City, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Metallic Epoxy Floor / Color: Rustic Bronze

  • Category

     Platinum Metallic

Basement Utility Area to a Living Space /

A Platinum Metallic Epoxy flooring solution is an outstanding choice for home interior for several reasons. The product provides incredible durability, a very unique, beautiful finish available in several colors, and can be applied over concrete & wood.

reflector metallic epoxy floor

In this particular case, the customer wanted to create a more livable space out of their basement while avoiding carpet or wood.

reflector metallic epoxy floor

We often tell customers that virtually anyone that walks into their home, will ask how this floor was done. Its incredibly unique and can be installed in a very subtle manner, to bold & wild. It is worth noting that this color, Rustic Bronze, is easily our most popular option. And yes, the same color is applied throughout the entire space; the lighting plays a large part of how it photographs (some rooms appear darker, lighter, but its merely because of lighting.)

reflector metallic epoxy floor

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