4-Car Garage - Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating

Project details

  • Date

     December 10, 2014

  • Client

     4-Car Garage / Herriman, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating / Color: Savannah

  • Category

     Platinum Granite

A 4-Car Tandem Epoxy Flooring & Cabinetry Project Overview /

Placed high in the hills of Herriman, UT, this was a new-construction project with a big footprint (1,100 square feet). Many of the homes in this area have what would appear to be standard 3-car garages, but this is a 3-car Tanden where the far stall has nearly double the depth.

Snap On toolbox on Epoxy Floor

The interior walls of the garage were going to be painted in a color to match the home’s interior which led to our brown & tan palette for color options. The customer chose Savannah in our Platinum Granite Epoxy Flooring product. It has a lighter tone overall which is great for a bright workspace.

This project also involved a cabinetry solution to put the finishing touches on the garage space. We went with our 12′ Storage Combination Package which consists of two large 90″-tall pantries, some nice over-head cabinets to be placed in-between, a bench surface and cabinets below the bench. To cap it off, the customer added two additional 36″ x 36″ overhead cabinets to be placed high-up in order to store items that do not need to be access often.

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

Prep work on the concrete is always key to a life-long epoxy garage floor. The 1,100 square foot space was diamond-ground with our industrial surfacer; the tight corners and stairs are hit with a hand-held diamond grinder to finish the prep. Once the dust is vacuumed and the floor is spotless-clean, it is time for the base epoxy product which in this case was our Cottonwood color. The next step is an application of the Savannah Platinum Granite mixture. An over-night cure is required before we can move to the next and final steps.

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

On the final day two different types of ultra-durable and fast-drying polyurea were applied to provide a durable and incredibly protective coating to complete the finish. Worth noting, we always apply a special texture additive to the stairs to provide traction for the winter months when shoes are wet.

The masking was removed and any necessary final cleaning was done before we called it a complete project. We did return a few weeks later for a complete cabinet installation which we’ll cover in another post.

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating & Cabinetry Package Utah

Our 12 foot Storage Combination Package is a great way to store chemicals, cleaning supplies; skis, hardware, etc. This setup provides an excellent mix of tall pantry cabinets and plenty of drawer space for miscellaneous items.

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating & Cabinetry Package Utah

Please excuse the mess! Sometimes we grab whatever photos we can; this particular customer was in the process of moving in as well, which adds to the chaos. Notice the two 3’x3′ overhead cabinets. In this case they are being used for various chemical like window washer fluid, oil and other related items that do not get accessed very often. The customer wanted the overhead garage cabinets high-up and out of the way; the 12′ ceilings allowed for just that.

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

4 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Utah

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