3-Car Garage - Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating


Project details

  • Date

     July 23, 2015

  • Client

     3-Car Garage / Midway, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating / Color: Amarello

  • Category

     Platinum Granite

A Lightly In-Depth Look Into this 3-Car Epoxy Flooring Project /

Located in beautiful Midway UT, in a newer development tucked near a hillside, is this stunning single-story home. The entire home is designed with a modest, clean country-style decor. We wanted to choose an epoxy garage floor coating color to create continuity to match that style. Yes it’s “just a garage”, but this is still a part of your home that gets a lot of use and has more visibility than most people consider.


The obvious color family was in the tan / brown range – from here it was a matter of going traditionally lighter-in-color, or take a risk and head in the direction of elegantly dark. With great lighting in the garage, windowed garage doors, and light-colored walls, I felt it would look best with our Amarello Platinum Granite option. Darker, luxurious and something that quietly makes a statement.


The process was straight-forward with diamond-grinding using our industrial machine, hand-diamond-grinding the two sets of concrete stairs and edges. From there we cleaned it thoroughly (no water is ever used). Next the base moldings were masked off with precision, the pantry cabinets were covered in plastic and we were ready to start with the epoxy base coating (which starts with our Walnut base color). After the custom Platinum Granite flake mixture is applied over the Walnut epoxy base, the day is done.


The final step is a polyurea sealer followed immediately with a polyurea top-coat to give the floor shine, depth and incredible durability.



We really enjoyed working with you - the one thing we really appreciated was all of the communication. Getting a text every morning to let us know when you were on your way was great, and you were always here right when you said you were going to be. We know from building this house, that's a rare quality - thank you.
Midway, UT
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