3-Car Garage - Platinum Granite Coating

Project details

  • Date

     September 12, 2015

  • Client

     3-Car Garage / Saratoga Springs, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating / Color: Sahara

  • Category

     Platinum Granite

A Solution to a Big Problem/

Most of the time, concrete coating work is a service performed for visual improvements; for lack of a better phrase, it is there to make the garage, room, sidewalk, look good. Sure protection always comes into play as well, but this time it was nearly all about protection.

3 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

This family home in Saratoga Springs, UT has a full basement, which extends underneath the garage. For some reason, a water leak had developed possibly through the garage and into the interior room below.

For the first step, all of the expansion joints were sealed with a polyurethane compound to prevent water from penetrating through the body of the floor.

3 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

The epoxy floor coating itself will act as a sealer for the floor-in-general, and to cap off the mission behind waterproofing, we installed a weather-proof baseboard around the perimeter of the garage and sealed the baseboard to the floor with another urethane caulking.

3 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating
We apologize for the lack of quality photos for this project; but with a unique mission behind this garage, we wanted to illustrate the job regardless of our preferred level of photos.

3 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

He takes pride in the work he performs. The finished garage floor looks fantastic and I really appreciated his outstanding follow through. He did exactly what he said he would do and he worked hard to exceed expectations. Lastly, I was so impressed with his offer to provide a trailer to store things in while the work was performed and even more impressed when he helped me load & unload the trailer. Outstanding Service! I will eagerly refer him to friends.
Saratoga Springs, UT
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