2-Car Garage - Platinum Granite Coating

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Project details

  • Date

     September 1, 2015

  • Client

     2-Car Garage / Layton, UT

  • Task

     Platinum Granite Epoxy Coating / Color: Sienna

  • Category

     Platinum Granite

A Garage & Family-Room All-In-One/

This project led us north to Layton, UT near the airport and of course in the air space of Hill Air Force Base. This 2-car garage was finished to our preference – the look matched the interior of their home, and for a good reason. Their family has grown too large to sit everyone during family gatherings, so they use the garage to more-easily seat everyone.

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

Ron and his wife were somewhat indecisive of which Platinum Granite color option to go with, so we left them with their favorite picks for a few days. On top of that, we arranged a couple visits to floors we had already completed so they could get a real-world look at a couple of their epoxy flooring color favorites.

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

Their floor had a do-it-yourself coating already installed which had started to peel and flake away. We quickly removed that with our industrial diamond-grinder, then finished the edges and stairs with our hand-held diamond-grinding machines.

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

The finishing touch is the same with nearly every coating we put down – a polyurea sealer for a first coat, then a thicker, heavier polyurea for a final, second-coat. Make note! Photos never do these floors justice, even through a professional. They all end up with a great shine, yet with a texture that maintains traction year-around.

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

2 Car Garage Epoxy Floor  Coating

Thank you so much for your hard work - you were very kind and we love the way it turned out.
Layton, UT
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