Platinum Metallic

Platinum Metallic Epoxy Resin Flooring

A great flooring solution for residential and retail spaces alike. Below we dive
into the details of this flooring product, uncover its strengths, ideal uses,
color options, common questions and more.

Where can this be installed?

Our Platinum Metallic epoxy resin floor coatings can be
used in a wide variety of environments. Below we list common examples.

Over Concrete or Wood

Platinum Metallic epoxy flooring can be installed over wood sub-floors and concrete.

Home Interior

This is a very popular option in basements, kitchens & bathrooms. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong destination.


Excellent solution for retail spaces. Showroom floors, foyers & offices.


This product is as durable as any other flooring product we install and can hold up to heavy abuse.

Platinum Metallic Color Options

Choose from our 8 most popular custom mixes (more custom colors are available).
As the saying goes, photos do not do these justice. We will show you large 2'x2' samples in person.


Champagne Pearl

Silver Marble


Slate Gray

Deep Water

Chestnut Pearl

Rustic Bronze

Platinum Metallic epoxy resin flooring is unique, durable and completely your own.

Common Questions

Can this be applied over wood?
Yes. We smooth the seams with special compounds and fillers to create a seamless surface. The epoxy resin bonds to the wood just as well as concrete and creates a floor that will last years with little to no maintenance.
Can this be applied over concrete?
Yes. Concrete is the original intended substrate for all of our epoxy resin flooring.
How long does the installation take?
For the average-sized floor, our team can install the floor from start to finish in a minimum of 4 days. Larger floors can of course extend the installation; we will cover this in detail relevant to your floor. See the detailed timeline below.
Is this high gloss, satin or matte finish?
We can finish the floor in either option. The satin is the most popular, as it cures with slight texture for slip-resistance as well.
Is this slippery?
Similar to any smooth finish floor like a wood or wood laminate - it will only be slippery when wet.
Is it durable? Chemical Resistant?
It is very durable and yes it is chemical resistant. Each floor is finished with a clear urethane (Aliphatic Urethane or Polyaspartic if you want to get technical). This is the shining star of the process and provides years of scratch and chemical resistance.
What is the warranty?
We offer a three year warranty against installation defects. This is outlined in detail within the contract you will receive once the process starts.
How much does it cost?
Please see our Pricing Guide reference below
Does this need re-sealed eventually?
No. We finish the floors with a clear chemical that acts as a protective shell and is the hardest-curing chemical applied throughout the process. This results in a floor that last for several years. Light scratches may occur over time due to heavy use, but the surface-itself will not erode or dissipate.
How long before we can use the floor?
Tack Free: 4 to 6 hours Light Foot Traffic: 8 to 12 hours All Traffic (full cure): 12 to 24 hours This depends on environmental temperature. We generally advise waiting two full days under most circumstances.


I love it, I love it, I love it. Customers are ALWAYS complementing the floor.
Trista - West Jordan, UT
Trista - West Jordan, UT
It couldn't have turned out any better, we like it a lot.
Chris - Salt Lake City, UT
Chris - Salt Lake City, UT

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    What are the benefits of Platinum Metallic?

    Each product we install has its own unique strengths & advantages.

    What does the installation process consist of?

    Below we briefly explain the layers of product involved and why Platinum Metallic is a great option for a long-lasting and beautiful floor.

    • Step 1Prep
      Concrete: Surface is diamond-ground, cracks and defects are repaired. Area is thoroughly cleaned, prepped, and masked // Wood sub-floor: Surface is thoroughly cleaned, sanded if needed and all plywood seams are bonded and smoothed for a seamless end result.
    • Step 2Moisture Vapor Barrier Primer
      Next we apply a two-part epoxy primer designed to seal the floor from air and moisture pressure*. This step must cure overnight. (*over concrete substrate only)
    • Step 3Epoxy Base Color
      On the following day a color-specific 100% solids epoxy is applied to the surface. This will enhance the metallic epoxies that will be applied in the next step. This step must cure overnight.
    • Step 4Platinum Metallic Resin Application
      Through various techniques, we hand-pour the metallic epoxy resins to create our own exclusive look. This step must cure overnight.
    • Step 5Clear Protective Formula
      To finalize the surface we apply a finishing clear. There are a few options depending on the customer's preference (between a matte, satin or gloss finish).
    Home Office

    Home Office

    Shown in Rustic Bronze

    Retail Entrance

    Retail Entrance

    Shown in a custom Champagne

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