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Bringing the Customer Closer to our Process

Follow along with Wunderlist

The process of applying an epoxy floor coating to your garage floor, commercial warehouse, or interior space may very well be an industrial process, but that does not mean we can’t bring in some some advanced communication techniques to keep our customers closer to the process.

What do we mean by that? Simply put, we are organizational fanatics and like to share our process and boost communication with our customer at the highest level. Each project we approach is fairly unique with what needs to be done. Sure there are common steps that remain the same, but every project typically varies a few degrees.


Regardless, most of our customers appreciate being a little closer to the process as we conduct our work. To do this, we give you the option to follow along as we manage the workflow in our Task Management app, Wunderlist.


We can invite you in through the Wunderlist web app (use any up-to-date browser like Google Chrome), allowing you to keep tabs on what will be done that day, what tasks were completed this morning, the plans for tomorrow and so forth. They have a free app for any smart phone or tablet available as well.

It is a simple element, and while not vital to our process, it is one small way we’re stepping up our game for the customer.

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